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12 Gruesome Items Used In Occult And Black Magic Rituals

Black magic: the words alone conjure up images of voodoo priests and priestesses, witches, horror movies, and all sorts of weird, creepy things associated with unusual ceremonies. The occult is very real, however, and many of the items used in its various ceremonies and practices are quite creepy indeed. Some of these gruesome occult objects are nightmare-inducing, while others are just plain strange - even weirder, though, are the everyday items with secret black-magic uses.

Read on to learn about all the ways in which the items listed are used in occult rituals - past and present.

  • Embellished Baby Corpse

    Photo: Asenetp /CC BY-SA 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons

    The embellished baby corpse, also known as kuman thong or "golden boy," has its roots in Thailand. These mummified fetuses have been dried and covered in gold foil and are then used to keep evil spirits out of a house. They can reportedly "see" approximately 20,000 kilometers around them, successfully scaring off any spirit before it dares try to enter a building.

    There are also wooden effigy versions of the kuman thong that need to be disciplined and cared for properly (some are even bathed in liquefied human fat) or else they will become tricksters and wreak havoc on a household.

  • Hand Of Glory

    The hand of glory is not quite as glorious as it sounds - unless you're doing black magic, of course. It is the severed hand of a hanged man (preferably a criminal) that has been mummified using a special blend of salt, long peppers, nitre, and zimat. Once the hand has been properly prepared, it can then be used in spells, such as those that involve placing a burning candle in its grasp.

    Plus, if the candle is made from the fat of the hanged man, then the candle becomes even more powerful. In spells, the hand of glory and its accompanying candle can immobilize people, unlock doors, and tell the user where a treasure is hidden.

  • Gris-Gris Bags

    Gris-gris bags are voodoo talismans that are used to serve one of two purposes: they ward off evil or they give the wearer good or bad luck. The bags themselves aren't overly disturbing, as they're usually made from a flannel cloth; however, the contents of the bag are an entirely different story.

    Depending on the spell and purpose of the gris-gris bag, they can contain anything from human or animal bones to stones to herbs and even graveyard dust, pieces of burial shrouds, blood, and teeth.

  • Burial Shroud

    Photo: G. Elliot Smith /Public domain / Wikimedia Commons

    A burial shroud is exactly what it sounds like - the cloth that a person was buried in.

    Rumored voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau once created a gris-gris bag from one with the intention of cursing the recipient with bad luck. She used a burial shroud from someone who had been deceased for nine days - the longer the shroud is in the ground, the more powerful its magic becomes.