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The Grumpiest Harrison Ford Moments on Record

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Harrison Ford's name is practically synonymous with Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and Blade Runner. You can't think of him without being reminded that he pilots the Millennium Falcon - the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. You can't help but marvel at the way he protected the Ark of the Covenant, rescued the Sivalinga stone from the Mola Ram, and made sure that the Holy Grail didn't fall into the hands of evildoers. But Harrison Ford is equally famous for another trait that has nothing to do with his rugged good looks, or his adventure-seeking, action-packed movie roles. Harrison Ford is Hollywood's biggest grump. 

When you’ve been in the business for decades, becoming world-weary is inevitable. As he's advanced in his career, and in his life, Harrison Ford has grown tired of ridiculous interview questions and pointless fan interactions. Even his roles have become more grumpy - Colonel Graff from Ender's Game, Mike Pomeroy from Morning Glory, and Colonel Dolarhyde from Cowboys & Aliens weren't exactly fuzzy, feel-good characters. 

Like a Wookie who might tear your arm out of your socket if he loses a game of space chess, Harrison Ford's inner curmudgeon is awakened with a vengeance any time a reporter or fan asks him a boring stock question about Star Wars or Indy. He’s notorious for letting his grump flag fly on promotional junkets, where some questions about acting or working on the film get the response, “I don’t know anything about it. I just work here.”  

Ford has tried to explain where his crankiness stems from. He said, “What I’ve noticed, is that reporters do their research and pick up the same things over and over again. There’s some big, low-lying fruit that they grab, and then they repeat. And they come with the expectation that I’m going to be difficult to transact business with.” He's not a man who suffers fools - or Wookies - gladly, and he's not afraid to show interviewers his intolerance for stupidity. 

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    When He Criticized The 'Star Wars' Script

    Photo: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Harrison Ford apparently didn't like the original dialogue in the Star Wars trilogy. Even though he got his start working as a carpenter, he still had a strong opinion about the script for A New Hope. Of the dialogue, Ford told George Lucas, “George, you can type this sh*t, but you sure as hell can’t say it.” 

    Later, Ford would admit he was wrong.  

    Source: Huffington Post 

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    When He Dismissed Nostalgia

    Photo: Raiders of the Lost Ark / Paramount Pictures

    In a 2014 Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Ford was extra cranky when a Reddit user asked him, “Did you keep any props from any of your movies, if so which ones are your favorite?” 

    Ford responded, “No, I don't keep any, I'm not terribly nostalgic and I don't have a lot of things from my movies. And I certainly don't have a lot of them around my house. Those are separate worlds for me.” 

    Source: Reddit AMA
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    When He Slammed Comic-Con In The 'New York Times'

    On a promotional tour for Paranoia, Ford got crispy with New York Times reporter, Adam Sternbergh, when Sternbergh was trying to get Ford to admit how awesome Comic-Con is.  

    “But as you experience at Comic-Con, the level of engagement is just as high if not higher,” argues Sternberg.

    Ford shoots back, “I think the success of Comic-Con is based on the partnership between the fans and the service providers, the entities - I won’t necessarily call them filmmakers -  that supply the film product that supports their particular interest, whether it’s vampires or science-fiction fantasies or Transformers or whatever is going on.” 

    Source: New York Times 
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    When He Really Couldn't Answer 'Star Wars' Questions

    Photo: Return of the Jedi / 20th Century Fox

    In an interview with John Hiscock from Mirror, everything was going along pretty well until Ford was asked about the Star Wars reboot. “No Star Wars questions," he insisted, likely because he'd get in major trouble for revealing any inside scoops.

    Ford then smiled to let the interviewer know that they're both in on the joke. “I’m a kinder, gentler, Harrison Ford than I was,” he grins. “Am I grumpy? I might be. But I think maybe sometimes it’s misinterpreted. I’ve always been an independent son of a b*tch, so if I’m grumpy, then call me grumpy. I’m alright with that.” 

    Source: Mirror

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