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How To Find Out If You Have A Guardian Demon

Christianity has floated the concept of guardian angels for generations. The idea that each and every one of us has a special cherubic force watching out for us is nice, but have you ever wondered if your spiritual guardian isn’t so much angelic as it is demonic? If guardian demons do exist, summoning one could change your life for the better. While learning how to summon a guardian demon is an arduous task, the potential rewards make it worth the hard work. 

You’re not wrong to feel apprehensive about summoning a demon. It could warp your soul or take over your body. But if you forge a good relationship with the right demon, you could find yourself reaping the benefits of an unholy union, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the times of Aleister Crowley. The best guardian demons will ensure you are bettering your life - but what a demon wants in return may be too much for folks who are just dipping their toes into the occult.