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Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Theories

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It's practically impossible to throw a virtual stick these days without hitting a Marvel fan theory someone has posted on the internet. The most popular media franchise in the world (with arguably the most dedicated fan base) is guaranteed to produce pages and pages of fan speculation directed at characters like Spider-Man and the Avengers. However, one branch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a greater scope - and more opportunity for theorizing - than the rest of them, and that's led to oodles of Guardians of the Galaxy fan theories popping up all over social media. 

Theories about Guardians of the Galaxy range from making sense of the ambiguous backstories of the central cast to the bigger mysteries hiding in that galaxy not so far away. Director James Gunn has done such a remarkably thorough job of world-building in these films that it allows fans to enjoy the tantalizing feeling their speculation may actually uncover some hidden and intentional secret.