The Dumbest Decisions The Guardians Of The Galaxy Ever Made In The MCU

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Even though we love our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, some choices these heroes make are pretty darn dumb. Much like Iron Man himself, our fun-loving, at times morally ambiguous Guardians of the Galaxy aren't above making a few bad decisions. Well, more than a few. In fact, try as they might to do the right thing, the Guardians seem to make a lot of ill-informed decisions. 

As a group, plans are definitely not the Guardians' strong suit. They tend to jump into action before they think things through, which sometimes gets them into sticky situations. Plus, our dear Guardians have an undeniable selfish streak. While they manage to do the right thing in the end, they usually have to square off against their lesser desires to line their pockets with cash. 

Are the Guardians true heroes or are they just a crew of idiots? Decide for yourself by taking a look at the dumbest decisions the Guardians of the Galaxy ever made in the MCU.