The Best Guest Stars on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Who are the best guest star on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Guest performers most often play special guest roles, but sometimes they even play themselves. More often than not, guest stars appear during what is known as "sweeps," when a television show's Nielsen ratings are scrutinized to decide how much the network can charge for that show's ad space.

Sweeps take place in November, February, May, and July every television season. Unlike a "cameo appearance" in which a star may only appear on screen for a few seconds, and may not even have lines, guest roles typically have substantial screen time with story arches that can spread throughout multiple episodes.

Whether it's Shaquille O'Neal, Ben Stiller, or even Martin Scorcese, who showed up in two episodes of season three, Curb Your Enthusiam has some of the best guest star appearances on television. So, who is your favorite Curb guest star? What cameos did you love?