The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Action Movies

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Given it's an inherently cheesy genre, all action films are kind of guilty pleasures. However, the corny action films below add an extra layer of absurdity that makes you a little ashamed to admit you love them. But, hey! You're not always in the mood for a thought provoking film that requires unpacking after viewing. (Or are you?) Sometimes, you just want something easy, and these films should suffice! 

What makes bad action movies so enjoyable? The genre, by nature, is over the top. This means when action movies fail, they do so spectacularly, granting you the hate watching experience of a lifetime. Some of the cheesiest movies of all time are poorly executed action films. Dumb action movies often involve terrible CGI, bad performances, and plot lines so absurd even the most gullible viewers can't suspend their disbelief. These flicks are the type you simply love to hate. Browse the list below to find the best guilty pleasure action movies for you!

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