The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Comedy Movies

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Guilty pleasure comedy movies are the kind of crude, tasteless, and downright stupid or dumb films you would never tell anyone you think are hilarious. While you may have loved these corny comedies in middle school - when Adam Sandler was the pinnacle of comedic genius - as an adult, it's easier to see the flaws. That doesn't mean, however, there is not a time and place to indulge in some seriously funny and cheesy jokes that nevertheless make you laugh.

When you just want to switch into off mode after a long day, it's okay to enjoy a bad comedy or two. But which one of these is the funniest movies on the list? Vote up your favorites to help decide. While satirical movies laced with funny social commentary make you think while you laugh, who wants that? The cheesiest comedies are perfect when you're not in the mood to debate or analyze. While the critics may have panned Spice World and White Chicks, it doesn't mean you can't sometimes shamelessly laugh at their easy humor and so-bad-it's-good appeal. Browse this list to find the best guilty pleasure comedies for the next time you feel the need to disengage! 

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