The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Disaster Movies

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While they may not be beloved by critics, there's nothing better for a hefty dose of escapism than guilty pleasure disaster movies. While they may be chalk full of cheesy special effects, glaringly obvious plot holes, and bad acting, these films are the go-to for many when life gets overwhelming and you want something easy to help disengage.

The dumb disaster movies below don't demand a whole lot from their audience, so you can easily tune out the world and simply kick back watching stock characters try to save the world, evade explosions, and navigate situations so absurd you simply cannot suspend your disbelief. They may be corny, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. You don't always want Apollo 13. On occasion, you just want to kick back with some Michael Bay. Browse this list to find the best guilty pleasure disaster movies for your viewing delight!

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