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Guitar - Instruments in This Family

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Guitar: list of all the most popular musical instruments in this family. Any well-known instrument in the Guitar instruments family is included along with photos when available. This list is made up of many different items, including Chitarra Italiana and Semi-acoustic guitar. {#nodes}
  • The cavaquinho is a small string instrument of the European guitar family with four wire or gut strings. A cavaquinho player is called a cavaquista. The most common tuning is D-G-B-D; other tunings include D-A-B-E and G-G-B-D and A-A-C#-E. Guitarists often use D-G-B-E tuning to emulate the highest four strings of the guitar. The G-C-E-A tuning is sometimes used to emulate the soprano/tenor ukulele, an instrument developed from the braguinha and rajão, brought to Hawai'i by Portuguese immigrants, from Madeira Island, in the late 19th century....  more
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  • Chitarra Italiana is a lute-shaped plucked instrument with 4 or 5 single strings, in a tuning similar to that of the guitar. It was common in Italy during the Renaissance Era. According to Renato Meucci, the designation of 'Italiana' followed the introduction to Italy of the flat-backed development of the instrument - referred to as chitarra alla spagnola; to distinguish between the two versions. It is believed to have descended from Panduras, the Mediterranean lutes of Antiquity, and to be related to north African Quitra. Its bass variety was known as Chitarrone....  more
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  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The cittern or cithren is a stringed instrument dating from the Renaissance. Modern scholars debate its exact history, but it is generally accepted that it is descended from the Medieval citole, or cytole. It looks much like the modern-day flat-back mandolin and the modern Irish bouzouki. Its flat-back design was simpler and cheaper to construct than the lute. It was also easier to play, smaller, less delicate and more portable. Played by all classes, the cittern was a premier instrument of casual music-making much as is the guitar today....  more
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  • The classical guitar is the member of the guitar family used in classical music. It is an acoustical wooden guitar with six classical guitar strings as opposed to the metal strings used in acoustic and electric guitars designed for popular music. In addition to the instrument, the phrase "classical guitar" can refer to two other concepts: The instrumental finger technique common to classical guitar—individual strings plucked with the fingernails or, rarely, fingertips The instrument's classical music repertoire The shape, construction, and material of classical guitars vary, but typically they have a modern classical guitar shape, or historic classical guitar shape resembling early romantic...  more
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