Graveyard Shift A Gunshot Wound Inexplicably Cured This Man Of His OCD  

Rebecca High

This is a fascinating story, but please be advised that it deals with suicide, so the video is somewhat graphic and could be triggering. 

In 1988, a 19-year-old named George confessed his severe depression to his mother and told her that felt that he had no other recourse except death, despite the fact that he'd been getting treatment. His own mother responded telling him he should go ahead and kill himself, so George took a gun to his mouth and pulled the trigger. 

The bullet lodged in the left frontal lobe of his brain and not only didn't kill him, but also affected the nerves that control compulsions. His OCD had disappeared! Pyschiatrists admit that this is a remarkable phenomenon, but evidently not beyond plausibility.

Watch the video to see how George's life remarkably changed after should have been an instant death.