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People Share The Times They Had A Bad Feeling About A Friend's Significant Other (And Were Right)

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Over on Reddit, people are sharing scary stories about the times their gut instincts told them their best buddies were dating terrible, terrible people. These are seemingly nice people who everyone likes, but for whatever reason, they gave at least one person the heebie-jeebies.

Here are the stories about the fake boyfriends and creepy gal pals who couldn't hide behind a smile.

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    He Set Off 'Danger Bells'

    From Redditor u/Tatregretthrow:

    When he started trying to pick fights with me in order to separate me from my cousin. We were in our mid teens. He looked 17 or 18, very clean-cut and geeky in a boy band sort of way, you know, the "sensitive one" with the glasses. He was well-mannered, respectful to our moms, but he seemed predatory to me.

    I didn't have the best people around me growing up, so I learned to recognize potential threats early, and this guy set off all my danger bells. Just small things, like watching too closely to see how people reacted to him, and the way his smile never reached his eyes.

    I wasn't rude, but I didn't fawn over him, either.

    Once he realized that I wasn't charmed by him, he started avoiding me, telling her he didn't feel comfortable around me, and she'd have to see him alone. He tried bullying me any time he saw me, while still bragging to me that he was her protector and her white knight.

    Found out a few months later that he was actually in his mid 20s and had a record for stalking underage girls.

    Too bad we didn't know this before he gave her herpes.

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    'He Tried To Grind On Me At Her Birthday Party'

    From Redditor u/brittyboo994:

    The first time I met him was at her birthday party. He shook my hand, then proceeded to try and grind on me in front of her and her family. Then when I called him out on it, everyone said I was the problem and was just jealous.

    A year later, it turns out he had been cheating on her continuously and had gotten two girls pregnant while dating her.

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    The Saga Of Lauren The Selfish

    From Redditor u/smp247:

    Ugh. The year me and my (now ex) visited my best friend for Thanksgiving. This is a fairly long story, btw.

    I tell this story to people all the time because she's just an awful human being, and this story was just a perfect example of it. In 2009, We traveled from South Carolina to Orlando to stay with my best friend Tom (of about 22 years now) and his then-girlfriend, Lauren. We decided it was too expensive to fly up to NY to see our families, so we drove down a few hours to have a friends Thanksgiving. We used to be roommates and he is a bad-a** cook, so we figured let's do this.

    So he and I spend all day shopping, cooking, etc., and dinner rolls around. So we have the usual spread: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and it's all sitting on the counter. We go in the living room to get the girls.

    Lauren comes in first. Lauren goes into the cabinet and pulls out 3-4 large Tupperware containers and says hang on. Nobody take anything yet. I need to make sure that I have leftovers for work this week. [She] proceeds to take about 60% of each dish, leaving it so everyone has extremely small portions with no options for seconds.

    She also takes about 85% of the white meat, because reasons, puts all her Tupperware in the fridge, and then grabs a plate. From the already small amount remaining, she takes about half of each dish and slops it [on] her plate and walks into the dining room.

    Me and my girlfriend look at each other, take small plates and go sit down. My best friend was visibly upset but didn't know what to say. [Lauren] eats about half her food, then proceeds to throw what's left on her plate out.

    Now to clarify, Tom has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He's a 6'5" guy who has a heart of gold and would give you his XL shirt off his back. Why he was with her, I don't know. He had a good job, making 50k+. She was not a large girl, average build. Worked at an architectural firm doing 3D renderings, fairly book-smart girl. Not starved for money. (Important for story reasons.)

    I really wish [...] that [was] the end of this, but fast-forward to the next morning. Tom decided he was going to make some turkey soup with the leftover carcass and meat. YUM. Big giant pot, lots of goodies inside. Now at the same time in between watching the soup, he had been browsing Craigslist [...] for an Xbox 360 and came across someone who was willing to meet that day. So he puts the soup on super low, and we all decide to go out and get his Xbox. Lauren says, "Oh, I'll get it for you as an early birthday present," and I think wow, maybe she's not so bad! So we go out, buy the 360, and head on our way home.

    We are about four minutes from home, and Lauren is hungry. She says [she wants] a double cheeseburger from McDonald's so she can dunk it in her turkey soup. Tom argues that food is ready, we can see the driveway, but she makes him go to McDonald's so she can get a double cheeseburger... Okay... She's the only one who gets [something], and we get home.

    She rushes to the kitchen, gets a HUGE bowl, and proceeds to take [a] large ladle and scoop right from the bottom. [She fills] her bowl with most of the goodies and little soup, leaving mostly broth for everyone else. Goes into the living room, sits down, and eats while we stand there dumbfounded.

    Almost there, I promise. We make our soup, sit down, eat, and Tom wants to set up his new Xbox. Lauren doesn't really respond as she's dunking her burger in soup [and] stuffing her face. So he gets it set up and fires up Dragon Age, just playing around with it.

    Lauren has now had enough soup - which, by the way, is her burger and about three spoonfuls - [so she] gets up and throws out about 75% of her meal. [She] walks over to the TV, turns off the Xbox, and says, "Okay, you played enough. I want to watch TV now," and [ends] with, "Well, because I bought it for you, I can decide when you can use it and when I want to watch TV."

    Mind blown at this girl... The next day couldn't come [quickly enough].

    TL;DR: Best friend with a heart of gold dated a selfish girl for years who had no regard for common courtesy.

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    He Constantly Tried To Intimidate People

    From Redditor u/serafinapekala:

    My best friend's ex-boyfriend walked like he was trying to intimidate people. And every time he asked someone a question about someone's opinion ("Hey, what do you think of that statue?" [or] "Do you like sauerkraut?") he'd respond to their answer with, "I had a feeling you were going to say that."

    It seems harmless, but it was every single time, and if you called him out on it, he lashed out in anger. 

    Every time she tried to break up with him, he cornered her and wouldn't let her leave the room until she relented, and even their couples therapist thought she should leave him for her own safety after two or three sessions.

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    She Felt Easily Threatened

    From Redditor u/J4viator:

    The second time we met, she cornered me in the bathroom and threatened to cut me if I spoke to her boyfriend again.

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    'Ain't Rob A Great Guy?'

    From Redditor u/lil-gideon:

    My wife's best friend's husband.

    I never got on with the guy while everyone else did. I found him to be very "know it all," and if you had done something, he had done it 10x better.

    I'm sure my wife had a thing for him - it was always, "Rob has done this and Rob has done that, ain't Rob a great guy, Tracy is so lucky to have Rob, why don't you and Rob go fishing? Why don't you and Rob go for a beer?"

    To keep the peace, I would. And each time I spent time with the bloke, I disliked him more and more. Something just didn't feel right about him. I ended up telling my wife that I can't handle the bloke anymore and that I wouldn't have him [around] our home again. She [...] called me an unsociable [jerk], jealous nob, etc.

    Two weeks later, it came out that Rob was a raging alcoholic, mentally abused his kids and was banging a [woman] down the road.

    Now everyone thinks Rob is an absolute [jerk].

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