People Share The Times That Following Their Gut Feeling Saved Their Life

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Has your intuition ever kicked into overdrive and helped guide you out of a terrifying situation? Many people get those gut feelings about situations and find out later that they narrowly avoided disaster. On Reddit, people are sharing the times that following their gut helped save their life.

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    They Narrowly Avoided Being Electrocuted During A Snowstorm

    From Redditor u/Chanandler_Bong_Jr:

    Was responding to a fault with some equipment, reported as total electrical power loss. It was snowing heavily, so we assumed that some snow had gotten into equipment, shorted, and popped a fuse. Nothing major. Trekked about a mile to the failed equipment cabinet in a sideways blizzard. Got to it, and as my colleague went to put his key in and open it, I yelled “STOP.”

    Something about it wasn’t right. Why was there no snow anywhere on the cabinet? It was snowing sideways, one side should be white. But all sides and the top were clean and dry. We got the meter out and took a voltage between the cabinet and the base of an adjacent metal fence.

    THE CASE WAS LIVE! It was dropping its entire 650v supply to the casing due to an internal fault with the transformer and earth... Had we gone on a clear dry day, we probably wouldn’t have thought about the exterior of the case, and as soon as we inserted the key there’s a very good chance we would have created a circuit (boots should be rated for HV, but I don’t want to be the one to try it).

    We ended up having to trek some distance to kill the supply from a previous cabinet, creating a far bigger fault but removing a deadly situation. It’s not been the only example of a live casing in my company, so it’s now company policy to check [that] there is no voltage present before touching. But it wasn’t really mentioned back then.

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    They Narrowly Avoided Getting Hit By A Car While Waiting To Cross The Street

    From Redditor u/chxaki:

    This happened like a year ago, but I still remember it clearly. I was walking to school, and there was one of these roads where there’s a little place in the middle for pedestrians to stop for a moment. So anyways, I was waiting not at the pedestrian stop, but at the edge of the road.

    This guy in a car gestured at me to cross the road, but my gut started screaming loudly at me to not go. He didn’t even have time to roll down his window before the guy behind him crashed right into the back of the first guy's car, sending two cars skidding right across the f*cking road and over the pedestrian stop thing. Avoided something big there.

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    The Siblings Hopped Out Of The Car Just In Time To Avoid Being Hit

    From Redditor u/Freyjann:

    I was in the car with my sister (7 and 5 years old, I’m the oldest) while our mom was buying something at the drugstore (we were parked in front of the shop. She usually took like five [minutes], take the meds and back). She [locked] the car, but we could still open it from the inside.

    So I get a major urge to PEE. Urgent like now. I decide to go to the shop and ask to use the bathroom (we lived in a small town and the people of that shop know me, and in the end, I was a 7-year-old asking to pee. And It was like a few steps away from the car).

    Well, so I take my sister, open the door, and when we are like a few steps away, a drunk driver [crashes] into our car. Destroying it totally. The people from the shop came to see, and our mom was in shock but calmed down when she saw me and my sister in one piece.

    You can imagine, all tears and relief. [So] much that I wet myself.

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    They Hesitated For A Moment When The Light Turned Green

    From Redditor u/tokoloshe_noms_toes:

    Scenario: driving myself and two coworkers back from lunch. Didn’t immediately go when my light was green as I got this weird knot in my stomach, like something was gonna go down. The car next to me went forward and got slammed into a brick building and post by a speeding car that went thru his red.

    Some debris rained on my car but basically was left unscathed. Shook but unscathed.

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    They Switched Up Their Overnight Plans And Avoided A House Fire

    From Redditor u/MrCreepy133:

    When I was younger (I think middle school), I was supposed to stay over at a friend's house while my parents were away. But [during] the week leading up to staying there, I kept having dreams about a house on fire and waking up freaking out. The day came around when I was supposed to stay at my friend's. I had a terrible feeling about staying there. Finally convinced my mom to let me stay with my grandparents.

    Found out the next day his house caught on fire due to some wires, I was told. I really missed a bad situation that day... The worst part is the friend called me a b*tch for not wanting to stay over. I may have been a b*tch in his eyes, but hey, my house didn’t go up in flames, and I didn’t have to be evacuated from a burning house and lose my stuff from the fire.

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    They Decided To Take The Tornado Warning Seriously 

    From Redditor u/smallof2pieces:

    I live in an area that has never received a tornado in my entire life, and I don't know of one that has hit in the past 100 years. They just don't happen here. Nevertheless, every now and then the weather channel will issue tornado warnings/watches when the conditions could potentially produce a tornado. Which never happens, but they do their due diligence.

    Except for this last time. Something in my gut said take it seriously. The weather outside was just a drizzle and nothing serious at all. But I had this awful feeling in my stomach that it was real this time. My animals knew, too... The cats hid under the bed, and the dog was pacing nervously. I put the cats in a carrier in the basement just in case.

    Then 10 minutes later, the sky went absolutely black. I yelled for my wife to get in the basement and carried my 120-lb. German Shepherd kicking and screaming into the basement. Not two seconds after I got down there, the pressure dropped and the windows shattered.

    When I came back up to survey the damage, one thing I noticed: The chair that I was sitting in not five minutes prior watching the news was completely covered in shards of glass. If I hadn't taken this one seriously, I would have been sitting there and taken a blast of glass shards to my whole body.

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