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Theory: Guy Fieri, The Guy From Smash Mouth, And The Insane Clown Posse Guy Are The Same Person

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The pockets of Guy Fieri's cargo shorts contain a cacophony of secrets. As the TV host slides across the USA searching for the enigmatic paradise of Flavortown, USA, he leaves more than just a slick trail of T.G.I. Fridays kitchen grease in his wake. Concealed by his backward glasses, Guy Fieri must be harboring one of the Internet's most talked about secrets. What else could possibly be behind there?

It's undeniable that Guy Fieri bears a striking resemblance to both Steve Harwell, the goateed Twitter champion behind the band Smash Mouth, and the Faygo-spraying king of the juggalos, Violent J. This has caused some people to speculate that the trio  the holy trinity of Flavortown  may actually all be the same person (or at the very least, clones).

The evidence supporting this theory is sprawling. From lonely nights spent browsing the T.G.I. Fridays menu for bottomless apps, to the curious fact that Harwell has found professional success in the same, wildly competitive fields as his brethren. Their existence is a haze of peroxide tips and facial hair so bizarre that it fits together like missing pieces of a puzzle.

All that glitters isn't gold. 

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    They Share A Curious Ben Stiller Connection

    Not only are Steve Harwell, Violent J and Guy Fieri connected through trademark aesthetics, their love of T.G.I. Fridays, and an unyielding passion for macaroni and cheese, but Harwell and Violent J also have a strange connection through Ben Stiller, who appears to be in on the fact that they're all the same person.

    Stiller made a cameo in Smash Mouth's music video for "All Star," where he played a guest at a family barbeque. A year after the video was uploaded to YouTube, Stiller hosted SNL, where he filmed a parody of Violent J's famous infomercial for the "Gathering of the Juggalos." Again, Stiller plays a very minor, comical part. It feels almost as if he's looking at you from a point of omniscience; like he's aware of the finger-lickin' truth.

    Fieri, at least in his grease truck connoisseur incarnation, is only tangentially associated with Stiller. Stiller and Adam Sandler both starred in The Meyerowitz Stories, and Sandler and Fieri collaborated on a Grown Ups 2-themed chili recipe in 2013.

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    Steve Harwell Tried To Stage A Meeting With His Clone At The Vans Warped Tour

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Steve Harwell has long denied the entire Flavortown-Juggalo charade, but it is entirely possible that he's not aware he's a clone. It's a hard pill to swallow. Think about it: if you were a clone, how would you know, and would you accept it if you ever found out?

    Harwell is publicly starting to embrace the search for his long-lost DNA twin. In a tweet from a fan who suggested both Smash Mouth and Insane Clown Posse play the Vans Warped Tour, Harwell seemed all too keen. He replied "Let's do it!" with an overzealous exclamation point emphasizing his desire to finally be reunited with his true biological match.

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    Steve Harwell Wrote A Cookbook, Just Like Guy Fieri

    Steve Harwell is a gifted musician, though most people just think of him as that guy who scored the opening of Shrek. Though Harwell is primarily known as Smash Mouth's frontman, he's also a cookbook author. The only weird part is that his cookbook is basically the written incarnation of Guy Fieri's Food Network hit Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

    Amazon describes the book as "a unique fusion of delicious recipes, [and] hilarious real life road stories straight from 'The Mouth.'" If you haven't seen Fieri's show, it's basically that. The cover – with Harwell proudly throwing up the devil horns in a Hellscape of clip art flames – is undoubtedly the stuff of Fieri's most sensuous dreams (and eerily similar to this photo of Guy Fieri from Eater). The book even features "guest recipes" from the mayor of Flavortown himself. 

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    They Are Obsessed With Macaroni And Cheese

    Same people, same tastes. Not only are these men undeniable fans of early 2000s hairstyles, they also adore cheese. Seemingly, none of them are lactose intolerant  a condition that affects roughly 65% of the population  making the odds pretty slim that one of these men wouldn't have the milk sensitivity if they were, in fact, different people. So, how do we know they love cheese?

    Well, Guy Fieri is regularly seen on TV shoveling cheese into his face while moaning "winner, winner chicken dinner" as if he just discovered the sweet nectar of Kraft singles. He also has a recipe called Mac Daddy Mac N' Cheese, implying that he is, in fact, the "Mac Daddy."

    Violent J adores cheese. In a 2005 interview with The AV Club, the rap-rocker admitted that he hopes his last meal will be his mom's cheesy potatoes or, curiously, her "cheesy noodles."

    "My last meal would be my mom’s cheesy potatoes. Hell yeah. My mom makes the best meal on the f*cking planet. Or the cheesy noodles. Either one of them is good, but I’m going with the cheesy noodles," he said.

    As for Steve Harwell, his love for cheese is slightly less public. He posted a tweet celebrating national burrito day (and y'all know a burrito isn't complete without some melty pepper jack). Reddit users also remember a Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial which used Smash Mouth's famed song "All Star," but it's been mysteriously wiped from the web. Nonetheless, fans still regularly sing a version of the song that goes, "somebody once told me the world is macaroni."

    These three men are seemingly connected, not just through their facial hair, but also through macaroni and cheese.

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