Guys Reveal Their Go-To Dating Moves  

Evan Lambert
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Ever wondered how some men manage to be so charming? So do they. As you'll gather from this collection of Reddit comments, there really isn't any rhyme or reason to how men approach their first dates. Every man has a different style - whether it's genuinely romantic or just straight up goofy. 
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Just be yourself.
"I've found that the sooner you can get in the mindset of two old friends catching up instead of two people being on a first date, the more relaxed you are and the more fun it is for them."
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Genuinely get to know them.
"Don't listen to what she's saying because you're trying to convince her you're a good listener; listen to what she's saying because you asked her a question and you want to hear the answer."
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Know your audience.

"I don't have a set of moves.

I don't have a meal I cook for every girl I want to impress.

I don't have a first date pattern or plan for every single first date.

People are different; relationships are dynamic and unique. You can't treat one person like the next."

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Don't be afraid to make some mistakes.
"I once accidentally did this thing where I took my glasses off and hung them to this girl's shirt, pulling down the neckline a little bit and exposing a small amount of cleavage. She said she was turned on by my forwardness and started blushing. We're married now. That being said, I didn't really plan to do anything seductive but I claimed it as soon as I figured out she liked it."
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