Dudes Who Actually Got Tramp Stamp Tattoos

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Vote up the worst, most appalling, and absolutely awful male tramp stamps that never should have been inked.

Spoiler alert, we live in the 21st century. We have the Internet in our pockets, electric cars, and EVERYONE has a tattoo. Well maybe not everyone, but most people under the age of 50 have at least one tattoo and that’s a totally cool societal norm - unless of course that tattoo is a tramp stamp. Tramp stamp tattoos (AKA lower back tattoos) are an egregious enough error, but they reach all new heights of heinous when they find their resting place on the lower back of a sweaty dude. Like a chicken coop full of burnt cotton candy in the middle of a desert, male tramp stamps just don't belong. This list is the definitive collection of the worst thing we can think of: guys with tramp stamps.

Let’s try a social experiment. Turn to the person next to you and ask if they have any tattoos. If they say yes, and one of their tattoos is a tramp stamp, then all of humanity has is headed for doom. Bad tattoos happen, but bad tramp stamps should be avoided at all costs, especially bad male tramp stamps.

To be clear, this list isn’t about guys looking feminine by having lower back tattoos – it’s about shedding light on the dumb dumbs who made one of the worst life decisions that someone can make, permanently scarring the skin above their butt with a Taco Bell logo or a tribal pattern or whatever.

Take your time and look over this list of guys with tramp stamps, and vote up the men with tramp stamps you think are the absolute worst.

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  • 1. The Best Of The Worst

    1,349 votes
  • 2. The Real American Idiot

    The Real American Idiot
    Photo: u/Infinitechemistry88 / Reddit
    540 votes
  • 3. More Like 'Made In The Bad Idea Factory'

    More Like 'Made In The Bad Idea Factory'
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    579 votes
  • 4. The Classic Tramp Stamp

    The Classic Tramp Stamp
    Photo: Pinterest
    954 votes
  • 5. This Has To Be A Joke, Right?

    This Has To Be A Joke, Right?
    Photo: Pinterest
    527 votes
  • 6. The Tattoo Gotham Deserves

    The Tattoo Gotham Deserves
    Photo: u/UltraHumanite / Reddit
    858 votes