Unspeakable Times

Go To The Gym To Get Fit - Or Get Murdered

Usually when someone says they “murdered it” at the gym, they're referring to a particularly intense workout session, not an actual murder. Besides asphyxiating due to benching too much weight, it’s hard to picture death in a gym. Unfortunately, violent murders have happened in fitness centers all over the world. 

The true stories of people who were murdered at the gym while just trying to squeeze in a workout are truly frightening. Some of the victims were just innocent bystanders, while some were purposefully targeted. These killers showed little mercy to their victims—whether they carried long-term obsessions or were completely ramped up on drugs and steroids, these true gym murder stories are enough to make you take pause the next time you step through the door of any weight room. Working out is hard enough, and unfortunately, you might have to worry about being killed on top of it.