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37 Secrets That Your Gym May Be Hiding from You

We love any excuse not to go to the gym. Call us lazy, but after finding out some of these gym secrets, we feel pretty secure in our decision to stay on the couch! Although one would think that the gym is a healthy, safe, and productive environment for getting your sweat on, it's actually quite the opposite: the big box gyms are more gross, dangerous, and overpriced than you could ever imagine! What dirty little secrets does your gym not want you to know?

Have you ever wondered why that one cute personal trainer disappeared after a couple of training sessions? Or why (no matter what time of the day you go), the gym is always crazy overcrowded? Or why it's nearly impossible to cancel a gym membership once you've given up on working out everyday? All these questions and more are answered in this shocking list, and you'll definitely rethink your membership after reading through all these secrets that gym owners would never want you to learn. 

So next time you feel bad about skipping a workout, just keep in mind some of these gym secrets. Whether this list makes you rethink locking yourself into an ironclad contract, or encourages you to take a scalding hot shower before and after coming into contact with any gym equipment, we hope that you use this gym secrets list as a guide. Stay on the couch for this list, and then get your workouts in at home, because these secrets that gym owners are hiding from you will make you feel great about passing on the gym!
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    Nothing in Life Is Free, Even a Free Trial Membership

    Gym membership contracts are more deceptive than Spanx. In order to gain new members, most gyms offer free trial memberships. Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Most gyms trick members who think they're signing up for a free trial into paying for a full membership. In fact, gyms will even go so far as to have small print in their contracts that stipulate that if the member didn’t attend the gym at least 12 times within their one month free trial period, then they would automatically be entered into a multi-year full membership.

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    Bring Your Own Exercise or Yoga Mat... Unless You Want Foot Fungus

    And the gym just keeps getting grosser! Refrain from using the gym's mats if you want to save yourself from coming into contact with dangerous bacteria. The New York Times reported that cases of athlete's foot and plantar warts have skyrocketed since Pilates and yoga became popular.

    Source: Spark People
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    Rethink That Monthly Membership

    When acquiring a monthly gym membership, most people will be naive enough to believe that they'll go every day. More often than not, laziness overrules. If you only make it to the gym twice a week or so, you should rethink that monthly membership; you can end up paying 70% more than if you just bought one of those 10-visit passes. In a UC Berkeley study, it was found that the average gym member could save over $150 every six months with a pay-as-you-go system.

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    You Can Get Seriously Injured Even In The Most Relaxed Classes

    It's easy to get psyched about a new gym membership and want to join the most popular class you can find. However, pushing your body too farbefore it's ready could earn you a serious injury and halt your workout plans. Even classes that are not normally thought of as dangerous are now considered risky. For instance, yoga injuries have increased tenfold over the past couple of years, due to overcrowded classes and inexperienced instructors. 

    Source: Live Strong
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