Hairdressers Share The Craziest Stories They've Been Told  

Ann Casano
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Many clients think of the people who cut and style their hair as personal therapists. And there is something special about the hairdresser/client relationship that builds a bridge of trust. The bond is almost sacred - to the customers, at least. The hairdressers sometimes flock to Reddit to share the wild stories their clients tell them.

You won't believe what some customers admit to - usually they need more than just a new updo to get their life together. The craziest stories hairdressers have ever heard are sure to leave you feeling thankful for your job. No matter how difficult things can get in other occupations, chances are you don't have to deal with someone sharing their afternoon plans for a nude photo shoot or their struggles with rectal itching.

A Mom Warned Her Daughter Against Being A Hairdresser - In Front Of The Hairdresser

From Redditor /u/coffeehater:

I had a woman come in for a partial highlight and cut with her teenage daughter for company. The girl seemed really interested in what I was doing until the woman started berating her for the rest of the visit for wanting throw her life away and live off the government like me. She also tried to confide in me about the situation at the shampoo bowl like I'm supposed to understand and agree with her...

He Orchestrated A Drug Deal While In The Stylist's Chair

From Redditor /u/OneBlueberry:

Last week I had a guy doing a drug deal in my chair. He kept getting on the phone and wanting me to stop and let him go outside because he was trying to give directions to someone to meet his cousin in the car outside. I joked that whoever he kept answering the phone to could come into the shop unless they're selling you drugs.

And he just casually nodded, "Oh no yeah it's a drug deal." And I retracted my invitation to his lovely acquaintance.

He Thought Ear Hair Was Sexy

From Redditor /u/jblondchickah2003:

After a tornado had came through my area, an older gentleman, probably 50-65, who was working for FEMA, came in for a haircut. During the consultation he told me, "Whatever you do, don't shave the hair off of my ears, my last girlfriend thought it was sexy." So I didn't shave the hair off his ears!

One Client Had An Itchy Rear

From Redditor /u/shutuplaura:

I'm a receptionist at the salon my sister works at. She's sitting next to me now, so I asked her, and without missing a beat she said the client said, "When I take that pill it makes my rectum itch." I asked her what pill the client was talking about and she said, "I was so floored, I can't even remember."