The 23 Greatest Half-Human Hybrid Characters In Anime

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One of the most interesting tropes that pop up in anime are half-human anime characters. What that means exactly can vary from show to show, but here's the basic run-down: hybrid anime characters possess both human DNA and DNA from another species. In most cases, the non-human species is a mythical one, like demons, elves or angels. Half-human hybrids are typically born to one human parent and one non-human parent, but some are fused with another species later in life, often violently. Half-human characters are typically found in demon anime and shounen anime

Being a hybrid can mean enhanced magical and physical abilities, like it does for Tokyo Ghoul's Kaneki Ken and Gohan from DBZ. In some cases, like with Gojyo from Saiyuki, it means facing discrimination. In other cases, like with Eina Tulle in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, the character's hybrid nature has basically no impact on anything. Take a look at some of the best half-human hybrid characters and vote up your favorite.

Most divisive: Zelgadis Greywords - 'Slayers'