Photos That Prove The True Power Of Makeup 

Ashley Reign
Updated August 1, 2019 2.3M views 23 items

A few years ago, YouTube makeup sensation NikkieTutorials decided to show the world the power of makeup by applying cosmetics to only one side of her face. Sick of makeup shamers who labeled people who love makeup as shallow, self-centered, or basic, Nikkie decided to show the Internet once and for all exactly how makeup changes your face. Perhaps unbeknown to her at the time, some of the best beauty gurus would respond in droves by following Nikkie's example to create what would eventually be known as the power of makeup challenge.

Soon some of the Internet's top makeup artists were responding to the challenge and creating their own videos to show the transformative property of makeup, whether it be for fun, added confidence, or a way to express your mood. It didn't end there however, as other makeup artists took to social media to show off their own amazing makeup before and after pictures, as well as their thoughts about what makeup means to them.

Here you'll find a collection of some of the most fun, amazing, and inspiring photos from the power of makeup challenge.

NikkieTutorials: Where The Trend Began

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Even Kim K Couldn't Resist The Lure Of The Power Of Makeup Challenge

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Kristine Keiseraas Feels The Power With This Beautiful Look


Stephanie Absher Glams It Up For the Camera