The Best Hallmark Channel Actors & Actresses Under 40

It can be difficult to build a notable career as a young celebrity, and even then there are a lot of ups and downs. If you can luck into being part of a studio or channel's regular rotation of actors early then things are a lot easier. We've put together a list of Hallmark movie actors and actresses under 40 who have found their place in Hallmark Channel original movies.

We aren't only listing the best young Hallmark Channel actors who are in multiple films, like Lacey Chabert who is in 12 Hallmark movies, but famous actors and actresses who added a Hallmark Channel movie to their filmography before moving on to other things. Katie McGrath was in A Princess for Christmas back in 2011, well before her role as Lena Luthor on The CW's Supergirl. Other young Hallmark actors and actresses have starred in Hallmark Channel films because they already had achieved fame at a young age like LeAnn Rimes. All of these young actors are at different points in their careers, but all of them have found a foothold in a popular Hallmark movie and we can't wait to see where their future takes them!

Who's your pick for the best Hallmark actors under 40 in Hollywood right now? Check out the list of famous young Hallmark Channel actors below and vote up the ones you think are nailing their roles and taking the industry by storm.

list ordered by
  • Jen Lilley
  • Tyler Hynes
  • Niall Matter
  • Cindy Busby
  • Wes Brown
  • Erin Cahill
  • Katrina Law
  • Lindy Booth