Halloween Candies You Find Yourself Holding Onto

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Vote up the Halloween candies you pick out from the variety pack to keep for yourself.

Halloween is different as an adult. No matter how much you love the day or the season, you have to admit that the magic of celebration has changed. No longer do you dress up in costume to go trick-or-treating with your friends, get into mischief, nor sort through the mysterious trove of candies you have collected. Instead, you’re at home watching a horror movie you’ve watched twenty times before, waiting for the doorbell to ring so you can pretend to be impressed by a kid in the same Iron Man costume you’ve seen four other times that same night, then hand out candy you bought with your own money. It’s just not the same.

But there are things we hold onto. Figuratively, we tend to hold onto the love of certain candies we find especially delicious or give us a sense of nostalgia for a long-gone era. Literally, we hold onto the certain candies we love for ourselves rather than handing them out. Even if we’ve sworn off candy, on Halloween night we find ourselves picking out those favorite few and soon enough we’ve hoarded and eaten them all.

So, adults who have now been relegated to handing out candy rather than receiving it on Halloween, which candies do you always find yourself holding onto rather than handing out to the costumed children knocking on your front door?

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