What Halloween Candy Sells The Most In Every State?

It's that time of year again. Get out the costumes, carve up the pumpkins, and stock up on candy - it's Halloween! Every year, shelves and Amazon vans alike are packed with America's favorite candies - from Reese's to Skittles to Sour Patch Kids. So which candy will you stock up on this year? 

Whether you're shopping in person or online, you'll want to make sure you know what candy is most popular in the state you live in. Candystore.com does an excellent job rounding up which candies sold the best in all 50 states (plus Washington, DC). For more than 14 years, the website has crunched the numbers and compiled a list of each state's favorite candy.

The "favorite" candy is defined as the candy that sold the most, in pounds, in the months leading up to Halloween. Here you'll find a list of the favorite Halloween candy by state in an easy-to-follow alphabetical format.

  • Alabama - Starburst
    Photo: Amazon

    Starburst is the winner in Alabama, with 109,827 pounds of the chewy, juicy candy being sold during the study period.

    Skittles was a pretty close second, with 103,827 pounds being sold, and candy corn was a distant third with 89,727 pounds sold. No chocolate fans here, apparently. 



  • With a statewide population under 1 million, Alaska has one of the lowest candy sales overall. That being said, the most popular candy in the state is Sour Patch Kids, with 4,782 pounds being sold. 

    Twix was a very close second, selling 4,572 pounds. 

  • Arizona - Hot Tamales
    Photo: Amazon

    Maybe they all enjoy candy that best reflects the hot desert climate, or maybe Arizonans just like it hot. Whatever the reason, Arizona's citizens like Hot Tamales the most with 770,928 pounds of them being sold.

    Runners-up were Hershey Kisses, at 742,948 pounds, and Snickers, at 698,271 pounds. 

  • Some may have thought they were a relic of the '90s, but Jolly Ranchers are wildly popular in Arkansas. They are the most-sold candy, with 211,337 pounds heading to the state.

    Considering that one Jolly Rancher weighs just over 5 grams, that's a whole lot of Jolly Ranchers! Butterfingers were a fairly close second, with 187,494 pounds being sold. 

  • California - Reese's Cups
    Photo: Amazon

    In the Golden State, the cups are king. In the lead-up to Halloween, 1.21 million pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were sold in California.

    Skittles were close behind, with 1.20 million pounds sold, while 1.1 million pounds of M&M's were sold.  

  • Colorado - Hershey Kisses
    Photo: frankieleon / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY 2.0

    During Halloween time, it was Hershey Kisses that won the gold in Colorado. Almost 1120,000 pounds of the bite-sized chocolatey goodness were purchased in the home of the Mile High City.

    Twix came in second place with 115,797 pounds sold, and 98,412 pounds of the third-place Milky Way candy were sold.