15 Pictures of Different Cultures Celebrating Halloween Around the World

Different people, cultures, and countries celebrate Halloween every year. From California to Hong Kong, the holiday has taken on many different shapes and sizes, but many people celebrate this wonderful holiday at the end of October. In many parts of Western Europe, for example, traditions of prayer and paying respects to the dead still hold true. Halloween in other countries, like Japan and Australia for example, is pretty much void of any religious significance and is instead a day for younger generations to dress up and party. Of course, not everyone celebrates Halloween - countries in the Middle East and parts of Asia don't do a lot of pumpkin carving for the holiday. 

America has been largely responsible for the increasing popularity of Halloween around the world, and how other countries celebrate Halloween is largely based on how America celebrates it. In the United States, Halloween has largely transformed into a party day and much of the world has begun to adapt that American version of Halloween. Weird Halloween celebrations all over the world are being replaced by the commercialized party-centric version of Halloween that America has created.