The Most Creative & Topical Halloween Costumes For 2021

Featuring memorable characters and popular celebrity looks, the best Halloween costumes for 2021 has something for everyone. Instead of dressing up in the usual outfits, try these topical costumes only real pop culture fans will recongize. From Marvel's What If? to Met Gala 2021 outfits, this list of 2021 creative costumes also includes Cruella de Vil (Cruella), Jeff Bezos in a cowboy hat and spacesuit, and characters from Ted Lasso

Vote up your favorite 2021 Halloween costume ideas that celebrate the reason for the season - dressing up creatively.

  • Anybody from 'Dune'

    Anybody from 'Dune'

    11 votes

    Timothée Chalamet's Paul Atreides will probably be the most popular Dune costume, but don't forget about Duncan Idaho's white shirt look or Lady Jessica's cloaked outfit. Plus, this is a great costume with a mask.  

  • Cruella de Vil from 'Cruella'

    Cruella de Vil from 'Cruella'

    23 votes

    Get yourself a Cruella wig, and finish the look with any of her memorable outfits. If you have a Dalmation, that's a big plus. 

  • Inauguration Day Bernie Sanders w/ Mittens

    Inauguration Day Bernie Sanders w/ Mittens

    16 votes

    For a comfortable costume, look no further than Bernie Sanders's Inauguration Day look. 

  • Masked Staff from 'Squid Game'

    Masked Staff from 'Squid Game'

    9 votes

    Love the new Netflix Korean show? Gather a group of friends, and throw on some pink jumpers (or hoodies) and masks. 

  • Spaceflight Jeff Bezos

    Spaceflight Jeff Bezos

    12 votes

    You don't need billions of dollars to emulate the founder of Amazon. Find a blue spacesuit and a cowboy hat, and blast off!

  • Pink Jumpsuit from Lil Nas X's 'Industry Baby'

    Pink Jumpsuit from Lil Nas X's 'Industry Baby'

    6 votes

    If you're looking for a music video-inspired look, this pink jumpsuit will definitely turn heads.