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The Best Halloween Costumes in Film & TV

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Everybody loves Halloween, even fictional characters from your favorite movies and TV shows. Halloween on television is always super fun, because you get to see characters dressing up in pop culture-themed costumes that end up creating a kind of entertainment feedback loop that makes fans swoon. Putting Halloween costumes on characters is always a cool way to let the viewer in on the psyche of their favorite television or film character. Do they go all out, do they just pick up the first costume they find, or do they even like to dress up? If you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear for Halloween, take a look at this list of the best Halloween costumes in film and television for inspiration.

Movie Halloween costumes don’t always have to be an integral part of the film, sometimes, like in Mean Girls, they can just be a small part of the movie, but they’re still super fun. When it comes to movie and TV Halloween costumes, everyone has their favorite outfit. For some, E.T.’s ghost sheet will always give them all the feels, while other viewers prefer more meticulously planned costumes like the myriad of Troy and Abed’s costumes from Community. Whatever your preference, it’s likely represented on this list of the best Halloween costumes from film and television shows.

Bust out the candy, put on the "Monster Mash" and vote up your favorite Halloween costumes worn by characters in movies and on TV series. Then leave us a comment about your favorite Halloween TV specials.
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    'Mean Girls' Made Creepy Costumes Hilarious

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    'The Simpsons' Has A Cow In The Wrong Cartoon

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    No Costume Is As On Point As Leslie Knope's Rosie The Riveter In 'Parks and Recreation'

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    'Happy Endings' Is Like The Olympics Of Couples Costumes

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