The Best Halloween Costumes With Beards

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This is place to find great bearded Halloween costumes. From topical characters and celebrities with beards, this list has recognizable bearded Halloween costumes that everyone at the party will love. From movies, TV shows, pop culture in genreal, there are a ton of great bearded Halloween costume ideas to choose from. Show off your magnificent beard as a famous pirate or beloved character from a sitcom. You can't go wrong with bearded characters that came into prominence after Halloween last year because no one has had a chance to show off thier awesome Halloween beard costume. Athletes are also a good source for beard-centric Halloween costumes, just look to Lionel Messi or James Harden as shining examples of Athletes with beards.

Vote up your favorite Halloween costume with beards that you think you and your friends should try out. You can also vote down bearded Halloween costumes that you think everyone should skip this year. Be sure to check back as new bearded characters and celebrities get added to this list.

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  • Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

    43 votes

    A great costume choice if you're willing to carry around a painter's pallete and easel.

  • Walter White
    45 votes

    Everyone at the Halloween party will know your name.

  • Gandalf
    28 votes

    Carry a big stick and an even bigger hat to pull of this recognizable bearded costume.

  • Blue overalls or a kilt will help you become one with Groundskeeper Willie this Halloween.

  • Jack Sparrow
    39 votes

    Terrorize the high seas as this recognizable pirate.

  • Forrest Gump
    41 votes

    Put on a red baseball cap (Bubba Gump hat if you got one) and a poncho or some sweats and you're good to go.