12 Halloween Decorations Too Controversial for the Neighbors  

Amanda Tullos
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Ah, Halloween! It's the one time of year that you can be somebody different, and when calories don't count. The weather is cooling off, orange pumpkins guide you down neighborhood streets with a smile on their face, and homes are decorated with ghoulish displays that are meant to put you in the mood for All Hallow's Eve.

While most people appreciate that Halloween decorations are done in the spirit of the holiday, certain decorations are too inappropriate for some people to handle. We compiled a list of some of the most controversial Halloween decorations and and gruesome, graphic front lawn displays to prepare you for the horror that awaits you while you trick-or-treat this year!

A Ohio Mother's Grisly Decorations Shocked Her Neighbors
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In Parma, Ohio, a mother was surprised to find that her neighbors were bothered by her Halloween decorations. Vicki Barrett's front lawn displayed faux bodies impaled on poles, nailed upside down on a cross, and wrapped in plastic. Despite the horrifying scene, Barrett insisted her decorations were just innocent fun.

People in the community complained about the graphic lawn decor, but Barrett didn't want to take them down. However, she eventually relented when her family started receiving unwanted attention from strangers trespassing onto her property for a glimpse of the horror.  

A Machete-Wielding Obama Went Too Far in This Anti-ISIS Lawn Display
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A homeowner in Butler, New Jersey, was serious about showing his patriotism when he came up with an anti-terrorism Halloween display. The man wanted to send a message to ISIS and any of its supporters by depicting a machete-wielding President Obama killing one of the terror group members. The decorations went even further and showed a prisoner held captive inside a cage.

While the New Jersey man was proud of his decorations, neighbors found the ISIS scene inappropriate, tasteless, and un-American.

A Home on a Military Base Drew Fire for What Appeared to Be a Fake Lynching
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The community living on the Fort Campbell military base in Kentucky were disgusted at what appeared to be a racially insensitive Halloween scenario on someone's front lawn. The decorations show three individuals hanging from the tree on the front lawn, while a smaller individual stood at their feet. Residents complained about the scene, insisting it depicted a black family being lynched.

Authorities immediately removed the decorations because they were offensive to the community. Later, someone defended the decorations on Facebook, insisting they were done in homage to a scene in the Ethan Hawke horror movie Sinister. In the scene, a family is hanged by a possessed child.

Home Depot Customers Complained the "Scary Peeper" Made Fun of Rape
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Home Depot in Canada found itself under scrutiny after a customer took offense to a Halloween decoration called "Scary Peeper Creeper." The item is a prop face of a creepy man who is made to look as though he is peering into your window.

The upset customer claimed the peeper was inappropriate, and that it made light of rape. The company behind the product insisted that their intentions were for the product to be a light-hearted prank, and apologize for the way it was interpreted.

Scary Peeper Creeper was removed from Home Depot stores in Canada, but it is still available in the US.