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Insanely Cool Fan Art Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters All Dressed Up For Halloween

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Everyone loves cartoons and almost everyone loves Halloween. As such, fan art that depicts our favorite cartoon characters in Halloween costumes is blowing up. The looks are sometimes undeniably cute and just a little bit spooky. They also present a fantastic opportunity to dabble in a bit of crossover action; nothing beats a cartoon outfitted like a character from another franchise.

Given that these fan creations are drawn and not animate, they're not limited to the same restrictions that many real-world costumes and cosplayers face. There’s no trick here, these illustrations are a real treat for the cartoon-and-candy-crazed child inside of us all.

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    Teen Avengers Go!

    The Teen Titans are making a cross-comic crossover this Halloween, according to artist Ceshira, but don’t tell Marvel!

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    Trading Poke-Places

    Photo: dizdareviic21 / DeviantArt

    Pikachu and Stitch prove that friendship really is one size fits all in this drawing by dizdareviic21.

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    Big Halloween 6

    Photo: Ditto Funky / Blogspot

    This creative drawing by Ditto Funky features the crew from Big Hero 6 ready to bust ghosts on the streets of San Fransokyo.

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    The Kingdom Before Christmas

    Photo: daniwae / DeviantArt

    This epic crossover from daniwae brings the protagonists of Kingdom Hearts face to skull with Jack Skellington.

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