The Types of People You See at Every Halloween Party

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'Tis the season to get rowdy at your favorite Halloween party, where you finally have an excuse to dress like your favorite character, an idiot. or both! However, the downside to all the parties that pop up at the end of October is that you run into the same Halloween party stereotypes every single year.

We all know these people from our favorite Halloween parties and haunted bashes, but which of these people have you seen at EVERY halloween party, from your whole life, to forever? These are the types of people who always seem to show up at all Halloween parties during the spooky scary season.

Be it the bros in costume, the couple just seemingly waiting to break up, and/or the guy dressed in the "this is my costume" t-shirt, you know and love (or truly hate) these people. Vote up the stereotypical Halloween party guests you've seen year in and year out below!
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    The Girl in a Topical "Sexy" Costume

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    The Girl Who Puts Whiskers on Her Face and Says She's a Cat

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    The Person Who Loves Halloween Too Much

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    The Giant Costume That's Always in the Way

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    The Super Serious Overly-Committed Guy

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    The Obscure Reference