Halloween Creepy Treats You Should Serve This Halloween  

Ashley Reign
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Woo hoo! It’s that time of year again when the leaves are starting to fall, everything’s starting to taste like cinnamon, and you can damn near feel yourself gaining weight just walking down the candy aisle at the grocery store. Fall has arrived in all its cozy sweater weathered glory which means Halloween is just around the bend! As kids of all ages know, of course, nothing helps spook up the mood each October like a huge batch of spooky Halloween treats, a tasty collection of which we’ve assembled below.

These Halloween treat ideas are sure to make you the coolest parent at your kid’s Halloween party, even if you’re used to being merely the crappy cook in the corner glaring bitterly at the coolest mom at your kid’s Halloween party. Here you'll find everything from Master Chef worthy masterpieces for the more experienced Halloween baker to easy Halloween treats that take less skill to prepare than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whether you’re a diehard chocolate craving warrior or a health loving fruit nut, we’ve got a whole slew of fun Halloween treats to make that both you and your loved ones are sure to love this Halloween.

Wanna get your kids in on the Halloween treat fun this fall? No problemo, because nestled in with the other recipes below, you’ll find plenty of kid-friendly treats that you can decorate with everyone from your tots to your teens. So come on in and scroll through this tasty looking assortment of finished product photos, pick your desired treats, and click on their names for a link to the recipe for each. 
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Salted Carmel Apple Snickers Cake
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There are but three words that should sell pretty much anyone on this mouth-watering Salted Carmel Apple Snickers Cake: carmel, Snickers, and cake. You're welcome!
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Ghost Tartlets
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How adorable are these little Ghost Tartlets? This easy recipe is a must for the not so culinary inclined among us, as it's divided into three parts, so you can either make the tarts themselves or just buy them and make the ghostly little guys that go on top.
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Cake with Web Frosting
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Another great way to make your favorite cake a little creepier is this ultra-easy Web Frosting effect which can be acheived with white chocolate atop virtually any cake icing.
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Grave Intentions Cake
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Are you a one recipe kinda gal, looking to make your lone chocolate cake recipe a little more creepy? Look no further than the Grave Intentions Cake, a classic chocolate cake decorated with tombstones made from Pepperdine Farm Milano and Bordeaux cookies.
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