15 Creative Costumes For Zoom Halloween Parties

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Trick-or-treating may be limited this year, but that doesn't mean that Halloween's cancelled!

While everyone is still navigating the ongoing pandemic, many people have found Zoom and other types of video calls to be a great way to stay connected to family and socialize with friends. Quarantining may serve as a drag on some people's fall festivities, but it's okay, because Halloween Zoom costumes are a fun way to keep this spooky season brewing and to celebrate creatively over our virtual calls with loves ones.

So, what are the perfect costumes for Zoom meetings? There's an idea on this list for everyone: lazy costumes for Zoom parties, funny costumes for Zoom meetings, and plenty of other creative ideas, including talking heads and various TV characters. One thing that all of these social distancing Halloween costumes have in common is that they'll be sure to get you and your friends into the festive fall spirit, all things pumpkin spice and everything nice! Vote for the coolest Zoom Halloween party costume below.