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15 Creative Costumes For Zoom Halloween Parties

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Trick-or-treating may be limited this year, but that doesn't mean that Halloween's cancelled!

While everyone is still navigating the ongoing pandemic, many people have found Zoom and other types of video calls to be a great way to stay connected to family and socialize with friends. Quarantining may serve as a drag on some people's fall festivities, but it's okay, because Halloween Zoom costumes are a fun way to keep this spooky season brewing and to celebrate creatively over our virtual calls with loves ones.

So, what are the perfect costumes for Zoom meetings? There's an idea on this list for everyone: lazy costumes for Zoom parties, funny costumes for Zoom meetings, and plenty of other creative ideas, including talking heads and various TV characters. One thing that all of these social distancing Halloween costumes have in common is that they'll be sure to get you and your friends into the festive fall spirit, all things pumpkin spice and everything nice! Vote for the coolest Zoom Halloween party costume below. 

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    Neo In 'The Matrix'

    Photo: The Matrix / Warner Bros.

    Now that we're all living in a simulation, working, socializing, and surviving over video chat, those lines of falling code in the background will look nothing out of the ordinary. Go ahead and don a sleek, black, high-collared trench coat and some sunglasses. Maybe if you become the chosen one you can get us out of this mess.

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      Max Headroom

      Photo: Max Headroom / ABC

      This talking head icon is a blast from the past. Advertised as "the first computer-generated TV personality" when his show premiered back in the '80s, there's perhaps no better way to put a nostalgic spin on our necessitated computer-only communications of the now. 

      For this look, you'll need a suit jacket, tie, and a pair of sunglasses. You may also want to slick back your hair or grab a neon-blonde wig, and, to go the extra mile, try adopting his trademark glitchy stutter. Finally, just set your zoom background to those neon patterns and you're good to go. 

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        This Meme

        Simply purchase a long brown wig (if your hair isn't quite there) and dig out a red tank-top or dress from your closet and you too can be "desirable girl" from the "guy looking back" meme. Simply download the image for a Zoom background and stand slightly off to the left so that your image takes her place. Then revel in your man-stealing madness. 

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          Invisible Man

          This one isn't the best choice if you plan on snacking during the party because your face will be covered, but it definitely looks the coolest so you might just win the costume contest with your special effects wizardry. 

          First you'll need a green screen, which can be any bright green sheet or fabric hung up in the background. Then wear a green morph suit to match. Set the background image to just about anything: a picture of your own empty room, a hallway, or any ol' normal setting. Finally, accessorize with a hat, pair of sunglasses, perhaps even some gloves, all of which you'll wear over the morph suit. 

          Once you turn the camera on, any exposed part of your green body will blend into the background, rendering you invisible! Your glasses, hat, and any other accessories will appear to float in thin air.

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