Halloween Zoom Party Games To Give Your Next Virtual Meetup A Macabre Makeover

Halloween may be a little, well, dead this year, but that doesn't mean you can't have a grand old time with a few of your favorite ghouls and gals. While you may not be able to bob for apples and scare the living daylights out of each other in person, you can have a spooktacular time by meeting up on Zoom. In fact, there are plenty of bone-chilling Zoom Halloween ideas that are so scary, so nefarious, and so downright terrifying that you'll forget all about how fun it is to go (and host) trick-or-treaters.

Whether you're planning a virtual get-together with a few friends or are getting ready to digitally meet up with a few co-workers for your office Halloween party, we've compiled some awesome Zoom party games to help take your Halloween to new scares.

From kooky costume contests to Halloween charades and even a few horror movie-themed drinking games, vote up all the Zoom Halloween party ideas you can't wait to try.


Photo: cocoparisienne / Pixabay
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  • Who's Who Contest

    Who's Who Contest

    255 votes

    Come up with kooky (and preferable scary) usernames, dress up in a costume that conceals your identity, and then have everyone try to guess who’s who. Think of it as a game of Clue but for the 21st century.

  • Halloween Movie Trivia

    Halloween Movie Trivia

    189 votes

    Are you the self-proclaimed king of splatter cinema? There are plenty of pre-made trivia lists online, but the real fun is in making up your own. Creepy questions could include one-offs like "Which horror movie is currently ranked #1 on Ranker's 'Best Horror Movies Of All Time' list?"

  • Scary Ghost Stories

    Scary Ghost Stories

    50 votes

    Everyone's got a spine-tingling ghost story (or two) to share. Gather your group round a dimly lit computer screen as you regale everyone with sordid tales from beyond the crypt.

  • Virtual Murder Mystery

    Virtual Murder Mystery

    106 votes

    Almost as fun as the real thing, virtual murder mysteries are bound to be all the rage this Halloween. Instead of packing everyone into a cramped car with random food smells and terrible AC, consider bringing the party straight to your desktop this year.

  • Halloween-Themed Bingo

    Halloween-Themed Bingo

    87 votes

    Give Bingo night a macabre makeover with a few fun (and fearsome) Halloween-inspired themes. You can make your own or buy a few pre-set cards like these. Great for kids AND adults.

  • Scary Movie Marathon

    Scary Movie Marathon

    55 votes

    Get everyone together to live-stream some of Halloween's best. We can't guarantee it won't lag, but at least you'll all be lagging together. And honestly, isn't that the true spirit of Halloween? Popcorn's optional.