Who Is The MVP Of The Original Cast Of 'Hamilton'?

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For those of us who never made it to New York and had to subsist on the Hamilton cast recording, it's a real treat to watch the original cast perform the show on Disney+. While every castmember is undeniably talented, what kind of theatre fans would we be if we didn't nitpick who was the MOST talented?

Vote up the cast members who you think are the MVP's of the show. 

  • Daveed Diggs

    Role: Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson

    Case for MVP: It's impossible not to look at Diggs when he's on screen. He's got swagger, charm, and amazing footwork. He also wins every cabinet battle, I don't care what the book dictates.

  • Role: Aaron Burr

    Case for MVP: In being both the show's ostensible villian, he's also the hype man, guiding the audience through the entire story. And in addition to that, he also completely destroys "The Room Where It Happened." The man can sing, dance, and convey Burr's growing resentment towards Hamilton, what more do you want?

  • Role: Angelica Schuyler

    Case for MVP: Besides "Satisfied"? What more do you need her to do? She's got powerhouse pipes and perfectly captures Angelica's strength and longing. 

  • Role: King George III

    Case for MVP: The comic relief of the show, and we're not just talking about the spit that pours from his mouth in the film. He's the camp palate cleanser that the show needed.

  • Phillipa Soo

    Role: Eliza Hamilton

    Case for MVP: The heart of the entire show! She's destroys the power ballad "Burn" and then destroys us in "Stay Alive - Reprise." The woman has no mercy but plenty of talent. And a special mention must be made for how she beatboxes in "Take A Break."

  • Role: Alexander Hamilton

    Case for MVP: Well, besides writing the music, book, and lyrics he also has the titular role. Is he the best singer or actor in the cast? Probably not, but would there even be a cast without him? Makes you think!

  • Role: George Washington

    Case for MVP: A towering and commanding presence throughout the entire show. He was nominated for a Tony award for his performance and after seeing him destroy "One Last Time" it's not hard to see why.

  • Anthony Ramos

    Role: John Laurens and Philip Hamilton

    Case for MVP: Playing both the hot-headed Laurens as well as Philip (from childhood to young adulthood no less), Ramos has undeniable enthusiasm and charisma. And don't get us started on 'Stay Alive - Reprise."

  • Role: Hercules Mulligan and James Madison

    Case for MVP: Charming, funny, and a great singer. He capture's Mulligan's bravado and Madison's stuffiness with aplomb. Who else has the range? If you're ever in need of an adrenaline boost just queue up his solo on "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)".

  • Role: Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds

    Case for MVP: "And Peggy" should be a meme if it isn't already. She has to convey both Peggy's innocence and Maria Reynold's seduction of Hamilton. That's quite the range!