The Cast Of 'Hamilton' Vs. The Real People They're Playing

"Just you wait..." Theater fans have long been waiting for the film version of the original Broadway Hamilton cast performing Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical about Alexander Hamilton. The movie version of the Tony- and Pulitzer-winning production was originally supposed to be released in theaters in 2021, but Miranda announced in a tweet in May 2020 that it would instead premiere on Disney+ on July 3, 2020. The Disney streaming service released a trailer on June 21, 2020, featuring scenes from the musical filmed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in June 2016. 

The characters in the musical are real-life people, and although they deliberately look a lot different from their historical counterparts, a side-by-side comparison of the Hamilton cast and actors vs. the real people they are portraying is an interesting history lesson. Or maybe you've heard of the musical and its soundtrack, but want to see the Aaron Burr actor (Tony Award winner Leslie Odom Jr.) or the Philip Hamilton actor (Anthony Ramos plays Alexander Hamilton's son). 

As Miranda wrote in a tweet when the trailer was released, "May you always be satisfied."