27 'Hamilton' Memes That Only Real Fans Of The Musical Will Appreciate

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' is a cultural phenomenom. Its fervent fan base can't get enough of sharing their favorite songs, moments, and lines from the Tony Award-winning musical. But you only really know you're a hit when they're making so many memes about you that there's an entire subreddit dedicated to those memes. And thus, r/hamiltonmemes was born.  

  • 1. There It Is!

    There It Is!
    Photo: u/mister-lemon-cello / Reddit
    772 votes
  • 2. Burr In Heaven

    Burr In Heaven
    Photo: u/bpk1318 / Reddit
    961 votes
  • 3. Need More Information

    Need More Information
    Photo: u/Frandelor / Reddit
    962 votes
  • 4. Let's Just Move On

    Let's Just Move On
    Photo: u/ireallywanttogiveup / Reddit
    825 votes
  • 5. Billfold Drama

    Billfold Drama
    Photo: u/DoodleDougieMan / Reddit
    690 votes
  • 6. We've Been Misinformed

    We've Been Misinformed
    Photo: u/yangomango_ / Reddit
    619 votes