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Everything 'Hamilton' Fans May Have Missed About The Show's Secret Most Important Character

Hamilton is one of the most beloved, successful Broadway productions of all time. The music is catchy, the story is riveting, and the performances are stellar, but it goes beyond that. It's the little things Lin-Manuel Miranda has done to make it one of the most complex musicals ever staged - like how one character in the ensemble is the key to understanding the whole show.

  • This Is Ariana DeBose

  • A Dancer And Stage Performer, She Appeared On ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ And Soap Opera ’One Life To Live’

    Photo: So You Think You Can Dance / FOX
  • In 2015, She Joined The Ensemble Of ‘Hamilton’ During Its Initial Off-Broadway Run

    Photo: Hamilton / Disney+
  • She Plays ‘The Bullet,’ Arguably The Most Pivotal Character In The Show

    Photo: Hamilton / Disney+