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28 Celebrities Who Own Gorgeous Homes in the Hamptons

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Ah, the Hamptons: a summery, beach-y place where the rich and famous can relax and enjoy themselves. Several famous actors, musicians and designers have homes in the Hamptons. Some of these celebrities own property in Southampton, and others summer in Sag Harbor. Many of the famous Hamptons homeowners on this list have beachfront properties.

Who is the most famous person who has a home in the Hamptons? Scarlett Johansson tops our list. The Lost in Translation actress bought a place in Napeague in 2013. Residents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have two houses in the Hamptons. They have a beachside cottage, as well as a home across the street from it. Howard Stern has an oceanfront home in Southampton.

Sometimes in the Hamptons, celebrities live right next door to one another. Richard Gere has a home in Sag Harbor, and lives right next door to Jimmy Buffet. Hopefully, Gere adhere's to Buffet's strict policy about how it's always "5'oclock somewhere." Jon Bon Jovi has owned a home in East Hampton for over a decade, and Paul Simon has a house in Montauk.

Which celebrity do you think has the nicest Hamptons home? Take a look at this list, and share your thoughts in the comments section.
  • Jennifer Lopez summers at her house in Water Mill.

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  • Alec Baldwin had a house in Amagansett.

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  • In 2013, Brooke Shields bought a house in Southampton.

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  • Steven Spielberg owns a home on Georgica Pond in the Hamptons.

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