Han Shot First? A Timeline Of The Most Contentious Scene In 'Star Wars' History

The Star Wars movies are unlike any other film series in this galaxy or those far, far away. Not only have they managed to touch different generations with their story of good triumphing over evil, but they're also constantly being tinkered with by their creator, George Lucas. Or at least they were until he sold Lucasfilm and its properties to Disney. 

Over the years, fans have voiced their dissent over the changes he made to the original trilogy, but there's one alteration in particular that's a thorn in the side of Star Wars fans everywhere: Lucas's decision to have Greedo fire his blaster at Han Solo in later versions of the film, while Han fires first - without direct provocation - in the 1977 original cut.

The change is egregious because it alters the growth of a beloved main character, but making matters worse has been Lucas's odd tendency to re-cut the scene with each additional release of the Star Wars trilogy - including an unexpected addition, by Lucas's hand, in the 2019 4K release. Here's the full story of that scene - what it was, what it became, and the controversy that has become its legacy.