Here's Why Han Solo Isn't The Hero Everyone Thinks He Is

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Everyone who grew up watching Star Wars wanted to be Han Solo at one point or another. Sure, it would be cool to have the power of the Force, but it’s even cooler to fly around in weird looking space ship with a Wookie co-pilot. Getting older it's easy to realize that he isn’t the guy you thought he was. Honestly, when you compare him to the rest of the characters in the Star Wars universe Han kind of sucks.

Most of the heroes in a galaxy far, far away are problematic at best. The Jedi are awful, and even members of the Rebel Alliance make questionable decisions most of the time, but Han takes the awful cake. He’s a bad friend, a bad father, and he owes money to basically everyone in the galaxy. Never examine your heroes.

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    He's Been Leaving People Behind For His Entire Life

    Han is the classic example of a dad who goes out for a pack of cigarettes and never comes back. If there's someone important to Han you can set your watch to when he's going to leave them high and dry. The three biggest moments of Han shirking his friends to run away are as follows:

    • After bonding with Luke aboard the first Death Star he bails, leaving his friend to fight the Empire alone. He only returns out of nagging guilt and likely a prod from Chewie. 
    • He tries taking off without Leia after their frisson on Hoth and only ends up sticking around because of imminent war. 
    • After his son with Leia starts showing too many signs of being Vader-esque, he throws his hands up and goes back to life as a smuggler - leaving Leia to deal with the mess.
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    When His Kid Wasn't Perfect He Left Him Behind

    Being a parent is one of the hardest things someone can do. It's not for the faint of heart, which Han Solo definitely is. After he and Leia have their son, Ben (aka Kylo Ren) and he starts showing signs of being problematic Han takes off. 

    No surprise there, that's how Han handles everything. When he finally had a chance to explain to Leia why he bailed on their family his excuse was not so great: "We both had to deal with it in our own way. I went back to the only thing I was ever any good at." Gross. 

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    Han Left The Greatest Woman In The Galaxy

    This point can't be hammered home enough: Han Solo was in a relationship with the biggest bad ass in the galaxy and he couldn't cut it. Leia didn't give her heart away easily. Sure, she kissed her brother and flirted with Lando but she chose to spend her life with Han and have children with him. 

    The moment things got too hot for Han he ran faster than a storm trooper avoiding target practice. That's not how the good guys are supposed to act. This is straight villainy and the fact that Leia took him back after ten years says more about her capability to love than it does Han. If it weren't for Rey he never would have set foot on another Resistance base. 

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    Han's Toxic Masculinity

    A character trait that thankfully wanes over time is the way that he puts his masculinity first in every situation, creating a toxic atmosphere that sets everyone ill at ease. Throughout A New Hope he badgers Luke about being a moisture farming child, he practically sexually harasses Leia at every turn, and when she (rightfully) spurns his advances he refers to her as "your highness" which is obviously meant to be taken in a derogatory manner. 

    His attitude doesn't change much in Empire - where his continual pestering of Leia has earned him some Nick and Nora style sexual tension - although when he doesn't get his way Han threatens to pout away into another solar system. By the film's end, when Leia finally admits that she loves him despite being a scruffy nerf herder, he acts like a straight-up douchebag and spurns her before escaping to the cold embrace of carbonite.  

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    Han Can't Pay His Debts

    Despite smuggling drugs, weapons, or whatever else - he surreptitiously delivers for intergalactic gangsters - Han is constantly broke. Where does his money go? Does he blow it on space-hookers? Space-drugs? Or is Han just paying off the minimums on his credit, insuring that he'll be in debt until the day he dies? That's probably why he looked so happy when Kylo Ren killed him. 

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    Han Doesn't Have A Job

    What exactly does Han Solo do? Like for money or credits or whatever fake system of currency that exists in a galaxy far, far way. Sure, he's a "smuggler" but from what the audience sees he doesn't seem to get paid for his work, and he wracks up a lot of debt. 

    The work that he does get seems to be based on the fact that he did the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, but Han's been dining out on that fact for decades. The one job that he actually seems to have is shuttling Luke and Obi-Wan to meet the Rebels, which is accomplished by accident after being abducted by Imperial Forces aboard the Death Star.