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The Tragic Discovery Of Jessica Widner, Whose Hand Was Seen Sticking Out Of The Ground

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In October 2017, a California woman discovered a grisly site near a cave in Crestline, CA: a zombie-like hand sticking out of the ground. She anonymously contacted the authorities, who eventually removed and identified the body. This story of a woman mysteriously buried alive left many unanswered questions, though. Who was she and what was she doing near an unstable cliff? 

As the story continues to unfold, authorities remain unsure about the woman's motivations. Was this tragedy preventable? The cliff is a popular attraction due to the many antique bottles buried under the soil, but it's also an unsafe area where cave-ins are likely. Hopefully, the city can prevent future tragedies with the addition of warning signs in the area.

  • Photo: jcookfisher / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

    An Anonymous Call Lead To A Grim Discovery

    On October 19, 2017, a woman made a gruesome discovery outside a cave in Crestline, CA, near a dumping ground for glass bottles. A single, decaying hand was sticking out of the ground, like something from a horror movie. The woman promptly reported the incident to the authorities.

  • The Police Found A Woman Beneath The Dirt

    After receiving the anonymous tip, police arrived at the scene to investigate. They discovered a small cave about 8 feet into the hillside near the cliff where the hand was reported. After examining the cave, they found a buried body, later identified as Jessica Widner from Lake Arrowhead, CA.

  • The Woman Was Likely Buried Alive

    It appears Jessica Widner was buried alive. If she dug into the side of the cave, it could have loosened the heavy soil, causing the roof to dislodge and collapse. Such a cave-in could have easily pinned down Widner, leaving her to suffocate slowly under the rubble.

  • Photo: Mitch from Costa Mesa, CA, USA / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    It Took A Day To Remove The Body

    Jessica Widner’s body was not removed from the cave until a day after its discovery. Given the unstable nature of the area, authorities had concerns about causing another collapse. A specialized team came in to remove the body, meaning the police and the public needed to wait a day for details regarding the corpse.