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Fan Theories About Hank Hill From 'King Of The Hill'

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Has the life of Hank Hill always seemed a little off to you? Do you think he’s a little too into selling propane and propane accessories? Or do you think there’s no way that he and Peggy could have created the beautiful baby that is Bobby Hill? If so, you’re not alone. In spite of the nearly 300 episodes of King of the Hill featuring a solid narrative core, there are plenty of fan theories kicking around that tear the world of Arlen, TX, in twain. 

Aside from questioning the biological relationship between Hank and his son, fans have also theorized about Hank’s mental state, his family members, and his sexuality. Some of these fan theories may not be right, but they’re worth investigating. If you even find yourself missing this iconic series, check out more shows like King of the Hill.

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    Hank Was Psychologically Harmed By His Father

    It's an understatement to say that Hank has trouble showing affection for his loved ones. In spite of this, he has no trouble cooing over Ladybird or telling his lawnmower that he loves it. Redditor /u/lonelypepperoni believes that Hank shows affection to things that can't harm him because he's was psychologically harmed by his father: 

    [Hank] comes from a generation where people are expected to respect their elders regardless of how they were treated. His relationship with Cotton is very realistic, and while it is funny on the surface, it's actually very deep and sad. Sometimes I wonder if Hank puts up with Cotton out of duty, or because he really loves him. I don't know, I think it may be both.

    I think Hank tries SO hard to be the opposite of Cotton, that he bottles himself up too much, and when he opens those bottles, they all go to his lawn and work instead of his family. 

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    Hank Doesn't Tell Dale About John Redcorn Because He's A Big Softy

    A major plot point throughout the series is that Dale's son Joseph isn't really his son. He was fathered by John Redcorn, and even though it's obvious to everyone, Dale never picks up on this. If Hank is such a good friend, then why hasn't he ever told Dale about the true origin of his son? Some folks on the internet believe it's because he's just too nice

    Even though Hank acts like he doesn't care about anything, that's not the case. In reality, he doesn't want to see his friend get hurt, and he especially doesn't want to make waves in his idyllic neighborhood. 

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    Hal Is Secretly Hank's Half Brother

    It's not out of the question for someone to have a surprise half-sibling, especially if your dad is Cotton Hill. When Hank meets Hal, a man who looks and acts just like him, in the Season 4 episode "Not in My Back Hoe," he feels like they're brothers from another mother. 

    Many fans of the show believe that Hank and Hal are genuinely half-siblings. Not only do they act and look the same, but they also have the same way of speaking and they drive the same truck. 

    Hank already has one half-brother named Junichiro, so it's not that big of a jump to think that Hal is half-brother number two. 

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    Hank Isn't Bobby's Real Father

    One of the most shattering and extreme fan theories about Hank Hill is that he's not Bobby's biological father. On the show, Hank admittedly has a narrow urethra, but he's still able to relax enough to father a child with Peggy. According to Redditor /u/nonuniqueusernam

    When Peggy couldn't get pregnant due to Hank's narrow urethra, she slept with Bill on the side and had his son. It's obvious to the entire neighborhood that Bobby is nothing like Hank and everything like Bill, but they ignore it the same way they do with Dale's son being fathered by John Redcorn.

    Clues to back this up are strewn throughout the show - Bobby looks nothing like Hank, Bill has an intense crush on Peggy, and Bill passes on the Dauterive family recipe to Bobby to keep the family tradition alive.

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