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Hank Isn't Bobby's Biological Father On King Of The Hill And It's Obvious If You Pay Attention

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King of the Hill is one of the best adult animated shows that ran for 13 seasons from 1997 to 2009. It followed the everyday life of Hank Hill, a propane salesman, and the lives of his friends and family in Arlen, Texas. But you already knew that. You're here for the good stuff, like all of the crazy King of the Hill fan theories, weird facts, and things you never noticed about the show. Like how Hank isn't Bobby's father... 

Sure, there are plenty of awesome Hank and Bobby moments, but have you ever noticed that Bobby looks exactly like Bill? Or that he and Hank never seem to see eye to eye? What about that time Bill passed on his secret "family recipe?" The facts have been right in front of your face all along. Check out all the evidence that Hank is not Bobby's real father and vote up the best reasons! 

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    Bill Passes On The Dauterive Family Recipe To Bobby To Keep The Family Tradition Alive

    In the episode "Blood and Sauce," Bill becomes depressed after learning that Dale is passing his legacy onto young Joseph because Bill has no one like that. Sparked by a confrontation with Hank about how he doesn't like grilling, Bobby offers to help Bill prepare his secret family recipe for a cookout.

    After getting in an argument with his brother about preserving the family name, Bill decides to teach Bobby how to make his secret family recipe "so that his family name will be remembered." 

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    Bill Has A Recurring Crush On Peggy

    Bill's interest in Peggy is built into his character description. "Bill has an obsessive crush on Peggy, and frequently makes bumbling, inappropriate remarks about her. Although Bill always speaks highly of Peggy and looks to her as the epitome of desire." Countless episodes feature Bill pining for Peggy, so much so that Hank isn't even bothered by it anymore. 

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    Bill And Bobby Are Always Bonding

    Bill and Bobby have a unique relationship. Bill always wanted kids, but "never had any" before his divorce, and is too much of a CHUD to find a new wife. All throughout the series, fans see little snippets of Bill and Bobby becoming pals and bonding.

    For example, take the episode called "It Came From The Garage," where Bill helps Bobby in a boat-building competition because Hank is afraid of a bat living in the garage. 

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    The Parallel Between The Hills And The Redcorns Is The Creator's Joke On The Audience

    A user on the King of the Hill Wikia suggested a theory that the show creators have been in on the joke the whole time, and that they've been using the relationship between Dale, Joseph, and John Redcorn as a joke. The fans "are meant to laugh at Dale's cluelessness, but miss a similar situation themselves."

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