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Clues We Missed About Hannah Grose In 'The Haunting Of Bly Manor' That Made Us Light A Candle

October 15, 2020 192.6k views33 items

[SPOILERS] - While we may have begun The Haunting of Bly Manor (streaming on Netflix) for the ghosts lurking around every corner, we stayed for the endearing characters and the bonds between them. Of all the characters we met at the haunted estate, Hannah Grose is arguably one of the most interesting. Check out all the small (and large) clues that led to her fate and made us appreciate the creators even more.

  • Well, We Should've Seen This Clue

    Photo: Netflix
  • She Keeps Touching Her Head While Flora Is Giving A Tour Of The House

    Photo: Netflix
  • Hannah Leaves Dani's First Meal Early And Doesn't Drink Her Tea (Though That Could Be Dani's Fault)

    Photo: Netflix
  • Flora's Doll Version Of Hannah Has A Cracked Head At The Top

    Photo: Netflix