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The Most Appetizing Meals From ‘Hannibal’ You Might Actually Try

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For three mouthwatering years, Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal was a feast for the senses. The strength of its expressionistic approach was none other than the dazzling visual presentation of the title character’s singularly carnivorous appetite. It was as much a cooking show as anything on the Food Network, with the eponymous doctor delivering grandiose meals week after week - making us all hungry in the process.

In order to pull off this culinary gambit in a manner befitting the elegantly theatrical Dr. Hannibal Lecter (brought to life by Mads Mikkelsen), the show's producers hired a food designer - Janice Poon - to make and plate each dish. "At heart it’s a horror genre, and I didn’t know which way they were going," Poon told GQ. She was tasked with keeping the cuisine macabre while making audiences salivate. Visually, the results speak for themselves - the perfect palette for Hannibal’s palate.

The origins of Hannibal’s meals span the globe, and many are rooted in ancient or medieval cooking practices. The recipes, needless to say, call for lots of fat and lots of meat - from animals, of course. Then again, ingredients are merely details. If you don’t ask what’s on your plate, we won’t tell. So, just among friends: Which of these gourmet meals look good enough to eat? And if you're hungry for more thrilling series, make sure to check out these other shows like Hannibal.

Note: Megan Summers contributed to this article.