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Happy Christmas Movie Quotes

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"Happy Christmas" movie quotes follow a man and wife who take his irresponsible sister into their home. The comedy-drama film was written and directed by Joe Swanberg. After competing at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, "Happy Christmas" opened on July 25, 2014.

In "Happy Christmas," 20-something Jenny (Anna Kendrick) breaks up with her boyfriend and moves to Chicago to stay with her brother, Jeff (Joe Swanberg), his wife, Kelly (Melanie Lynskey) and their infant baby. Jeff and Kelly know that Jenny is on the irresponsible side with her excessive drinking, but give her a chance anyway. However, when Jenny fails to babysit the baby as promised, tensions rise.

Jeff and Kelly give Jenny another chance to prove herself, despite her hard partying ways along with friend Carson (Lena Dunham). In addition to making friends with their regular babysitter/pot dealer, Kevin (Mark Webber), Jenny actually inspires Kelly to reexamine her life as a novelist and ends up changing everyone in the household in one way or another.

"Happy Christmas" joins the other great films in theaters in the summer of 2014 including "Hercules," "Lucy," "Magic in the Moonlight," "A Most Wanted Man," "Planes: Fire & Rescue," "Sex Tape," "Wish I Was Here, "And So It Goes, "Dawn of Planet of the Apes," "A Long Way Down," "Tammy," "Earth to Echo," "Deliver Us from Evil," "Transformers: Age of Extinction," "Snowpiercer," "Begin Again," "They Came Together," "Think Like a Man Too," "22 Jump Street, "How to Train Your Dragon 2," "Hellion," "The Rover," and The Fault in Our Stars."
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    My Sister Broke Up With Her Boyfriend

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    Jeff: "Thanks again for driving up early, man."
    Kevin: "Easy, not a problem"
    Jeff: "It would have been fun to listen to this stuff tonight but my sister broke up with her boyfriend and she wants to live in Chicago now so…"
    Kevin: "Not good"

    Jeff explains how his life has been disrupted by his sister. Sister Jenny just went though a breakup and Jeff and his wife have taken her into their home.
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    You Think You Could Babysit for a Few Hours

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    Jenny: "Hey!"
    Kelly: "Hi"
    Jenny: "Hey, I'm such a jerk. I told my friend Carson that I was going to meet her and I am like leaving you to do the dishes. I can like…"
    Kelly: "No, don't be crazy! You are like so cute!"
    Jenny: "Thank you! If you want to leave this, I can like do it as soon as I get home."
    Kelly: "No, don't be. It's me. It's my life."
    Jenny: "Terrible idea, right, you don't want to leave it."
    Kelly: "No, honestly, I'm so happy. I'm like drinking. No, I'm good. Thank you."

    Jenny: "Bye, baby!"
    Jeff: "Can you say bye?"
    Baby: "Bye bye"

    Jeff: "Oh, hey, uh, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon or like morningish, 11ish?"
    Jenny: "Nothing"
    Jeff: "You think you could babysit for a few hours while Kelly goes out to brunch with some friends?"
    Jenny: "Yeah, no problem"
    Jeff: "She didn't want to ask you. She wanted me to ask you."
    Jenny: "Okay"
    Jeff: "But uh, she will give you the rundown tomorrow."
    Jenny: "Cool"
    Jeff: "Well, enjoy yourself."
    Jenny: "Okay, good night."
    Jeff: "Stay out as long as you want. Just come in, we'll leave the side door open and then I'll get you a set of keys tomorrow."
    Jenny: Okay"

    Jenny shows the first signs that she might be a bit on the irresponsible side. Instead of helping with the dishes, she goes out with a friend. She does, however, agree to babysit the next morning.
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    She's Not a Responsible Person

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    Kelly: "It's just, she's drinking a lot. She doesn't seem like a responsible person."
    Jeff: "She's not a responsible person."
    Kelly: "We can't trust her."
    Jeff: "Give her a second chance. Let her prove to us that that was a one-time thing."

    Jeff and Kelly discuss Jenny and her irresponsibility. Jeff urges Kelly to give her one more shot before totally writing her off.
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    Do You Want Me to Like Text You Updates?

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    Kelly: "Okay, so he is going to have to have lunch"
    Jenny: "Yeah"
    Kelly: "And a little snack, a good thing for him to have is any of that."
    Jenny: "Okay"
    Kelly: "If he tries to get cookies, no, he can't have cookies."
    Jenny: "Okay"
    Kelly: "But there's something in the fridge. It's wrapped in Saran Wrap and it's obviously like, this is the baby lunch."
    Jenny: "Okay, easy"
    Kelly: "But I'll show you. It's this, there. So like heat that up in the microwave for like 30 seconds."
    Kelly: "Do you want me to like text you updates?"
    Kelly: "Oh, if you…"
    Jenny: "I could like send you pictures. 'He's still alive.'"
    Kelly: "That's... If you want to, yeah."
    Jenny: "Okay"
    Kelly: "Are you nervous?"
    Jenny: "No, I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm going to make him love me."
    Kelly: "He loves you."

    Kelly gives Jenny an overview of taking care of her baby, including a rundown of all his food. To prove that she can handle things, Jenny offers to text photo updates to show that the baby is still alive.
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