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Why Watching Horror Movies Together Makes Couples Happier

Updated April 20, 2021 142.4k views9 items

It's hard to imagine, but horror movies might just be the perfect date night staple. These terrifying films aren't merely good for you - they're great for getting your partner in the mood for some romance. Cuddling up with your significant other to watch a movie is an all-but-proven way to get closer. However, all too often, couples choose sentimental dramas or romantic comedies because those genres seem more date-worthy. 

Romantic films may seem like a perfect - albeit safe - choice, but couples need to rethink their traditional date night selections and choose a horror flick instead. From the collective catharsis they elicit to the physical closeness they necessitate, scary movies just may be the best option. In fact, they might even inspire a new saying: "The couple who gets scared together, stays together."

Horror films are perfect for any time of year, so there's no need to wait for Halloween to test out this date night idea. 

  • Horror Movies Let You Discuss Your Fears

    Another great reason to watch horror movies as a couple is that it opens up a conversation about your fears. Maybe you don't believe in demonic possession, so a film about evil spirits is less likely to scare you. However, perhaps you are seriously afraid of hitchhiking psychopaths or disfigured villains. Or maybe spooky movies don't scare you at all, but commitment sends a shiver down your spine.

    Regardless, by watching a terrifying film with your significant other, you're opening up to a potential conversation about your fears, and communication is a crucial element of success in any romantic relationship.

  • Watching Horror Movies Makes You Less Stressed

    Oddly enough, watching a horror movie as a couple gives your brain a break. People who watch scary movies are generally less stressed than people who do not. The adrenaline that's released while a person views a horror film puts them in a zone where they can turn off their racing minds for a few hours.

    Naturally, people who aren't stressed are easier to get along with than high-strung partners. So, cuddling on the sofa and watching an army of zombies eat a bunch of people may be the spark your relationship needs. 

  • Horror Movies Let You See How Your Date Reacts To High-Pressure Situations

    Watching a horror film as a couple is a perfect way to test how your partner will react in a tense situation. Sure, it's easy to spit game when you control the environment, but scary movies are filled with surprises. Do you want to see if your partner is as cool, calm, and collected under pressure as they claim to be? Then watching a horror movie that neither of you has seen before is an ideal way to find out if you're dating a screamer.

    Studies (that only accounted for male-female relationships) show that men prefer to be the person in control while watching horror films, and women prefer to be with a dominant partner. 

  • Watching A Horror Movie As A Couple Is Fun

    When we're watching a scary movie - whether alone or with a significant other - we release what author Stephen King calls our "anticivilization emotions" and experience catharsis. Most of us want to see good conquer evil even when we watch horror flicks.

    A couple gets to experience these emotions together, all while watching a film that is (presumably) filled with excitement and thrilling moments.