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25+ Happy Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

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If dogs could smile, these happy dogs would be grinning non-stop. Dogs that are happy make great pets for many different reasons, which is why we've created this list of popular happy dog breeds for dog lovers to vote on. Maybe you're a fan of the cheerful Puggle, whose sweet face and compact size make them perfect dogs for apartment dwellers. Or perhaps you're the active type – you might prefer the lively Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a sweet and loyal breed that adores a good doggy paddle. Regardless of breed, a happy dog will lead to a happier you, so take a look at the cute canines below to find out which dog breeds are happy at all times.

If you already own a happy dog, then you are the perfect voter for this list. For those of you thinking about adopting a happy dog, use this ranked list to become more informed about each of these canines.
  • The Golden Retriever is a large-sized gun dog that retrieve shot waterfowl, such as ducks and upland game birds, during hunting and shooting parties. They were named 'retriever' because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged due to their soft mouth. Golden retrievers have an instinctive love of water, and are easy to train to basic or advanced obedience standards. They are a long-coated breed, with a dense inner coat that provides them with adequate warmth in the outdoors, and an outer coat that lies flat against their bodies and repels water. Golden retrievers are well suited to residency in suburban or country environments. They shed copiously, particularly at the change of...  more
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  • A Bichon Frise ( or ; from French: bichon à poil frisé, French pronunciation: ​[biʃɔ̃ fʁize], meaning 'curly lap dog') is a small breed of dog of the bichon type. The Bichon Frise is a member of the Non-sporting Group of dog breeds in the United States, and a member of the Toy Dog Group in the United Kingdom....  more
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  • The Brittany is a breed of gun dog bred primarily for bird hunting. Although it is often referred to as a spaniel, the breed's working characteristics are more akin to those of a pointer or setter. Brittanys were developed in the Brittany, a disputed province in northwest France, between the 17th and 19th centuries, becoming officially recognized early in the 20th....  more
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  • A Finnish Spitz (Finnish language: suomenpystykorva) is a breed of dog originating in Finland. The breed was originally bred to hunt all types of game from squirrels and other rodents to bears. It is a "bark pointer", indicating the position of game by barking, and drawing the game animal's attention to itself, allowing an easier approach for the hunter. Its original game hunting purpose was to point to game that fled into trees, such as grouse, and capercaillies, but it also serves well for hunting elk. Some individuals have even been known to go after a bear. In its native country, the breed is still mostly used as a hunting dog. The breed is friendly and in general loves children, so...  more
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